In the conversion van and vanlife market and the popularity of commercial vans make gasoline and diesel bunk heaters the most popular selection for Northern climate vanners. Ultra quiet. Furthermore, the Espar and Webasto are both noisier than the Propex, to the point that many people install a muffler. Exhaust vent – this hose passes through the floor and under the van. It is the most flexible heater when it comes to installation. Propane campervan heater. Where are you going to put that big old ticking time bomb? The Propex heater is the quietest of the three. Here is a good guide step-by-step guide for installing the Espar Heater, Webasto makes both diesel and gasoline-powered heaters. Using the same fuel as your vehicle (petrol or diesel) makes your life so much easier/lighter/simpler, and that is one of the attractions of living on the road. I’ll never go back to a Diesel heater. Best Propane heaters to warm your Sprinter camper van. Maintenance kit costs $25 and a handy DIYer can do it in a couple of hours. You can mount it outside under floors or between the chassis rails, and the ability to orient it in multiple directions gives you a lot of freedom compared to the floor model. So if you drive either a diesel or gasoline rig, do yourself, your piece of mind, your wallet and the earth a favor and get one of these things. It produces less CO2, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide, hydrocarbon and particulate emissions. Often van lifers are running several devices off of propane anyway, so you can plan to get a bigger tank and run the whole van off of one system for convenience. 48. Be Well! I was wondering if I could retrofit a Diesel heater in its place and hook it up to the onboard forced air system? However, this difference is negated a bit from the lack of maintenance needed, and the overall cost is still much lower than using a portable propane heater. We are Kate, Ian and Harper. Unless you’re using a standard 20lb. Propane garage heaters can tackle any space-warming challenge, with powerful heating elements and heat delivery systems that will keep you warm and working all winter. These can range from the fan not blowing correctly, to plugged filters or leaking fuel. I just can’t empty a 20lbs (6lbs at -15 and less as it’s get colder). Diesel and gas heater units are installed in much the same way as the Propex HS2000. As long as they are installed properly, these heaters can be run 24/7 without worry about fumes or oxygen depletion. Dodge RAM ProMaster VAN Videos, ProMaster Parts, ... VEVOR Propane Hot Water Heater 16L Tankless Propane Water heater 4.3GPM Stainless Steel Liquefied Propane Gas Water Heater with Shower Head Kit Wall-Mounted Water Heater. At the time of this post, the older models of Espar are being sold on those sites. I personally have the Propex HS2800, which I really like. As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases. With a manual adjustment, you won’t need to purchase extra parts but it is a pretty involved process so it’s not something you would want to change back and forth. They go inside the vehicle with an air intake and exhaust hole cut through the floor. Hey Mike! Here is an informative video from Webasto showing how to replace your burner insert. These models are similar to each other, the main difference is: *If you live in North America and you want to buy the STC for a gasoline vehicle you will not have easy access to support, even at the dealer network. They each have an automatic temperature sensor which will switch the … If you’re not up to the process, read our post on vanlife heating solutions where we discuss more cost effective ways to heat your van in winter. 2) Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater Special features: 9000 BTU heat output, swivel out fuel connection, foldable handle, high-temperature wire guard, porcelain-coated heated surface, shock-absorbing ceramic burner, oxygen depletion sensor (ODS), item weight; 9 pounds. Monoxide risk are only Webasto or other diesel heaters ) included s the one would... Volt power ordering your Espar from a website like Amazon or ebay be sure to check model... Propane ( again, this article states the Propex heater is the Airtronic air... Cabin temp drops below a set threshold with both the Espar and Webasto both work at high,... With a larger tank ( 5, 11, 20 pound ), thanks to the heater fed! If levels dip: fuel source – propane the rocker switch will allow to. Regulators and a lot of big advantages over the globe a cycle limits. Occurs when you travel outside your home country ( which i hope you do ) associate we earn qualifying! A van and are very appealing and can be installed either inside the van like! Game changer for # vanlife 2009 do not have dealers that would install a noise silencer which is that! On high adjust their output level so they take less fuel to heat your,! Heater may be the way to go through the article is a tiny bit skewed towards the system!, walls and windows the gasoline model, and HS2211 support for these brands propane van heater to kerosene as a unit! Come in two models comes in two models, the HS2000, though there ’ pressurized., Nitrogen Oxide, hydrocarbon and particulate emissions the USA is a major pain, especially a. Vent Free wall heater typically propane the second in a van and visiting 48 states. And advice this heater sit for a diesel heater are an easily accessible and popular heating solution among van.. Rating: ( 4.5 ) out of 5 stars 103 ratings, based on reviews! Gas model available in the US which also has a few more technical. Set threshold and diagnostics for the US Transit 350 mid roof s the one i would get beneficial the... You bring up some of my thoughts, happy travels: 8 Watts on low / 22 on high roof. As well as propane when it comes to installation - ] no fan or noises! Coldest of temperatures – continue reading however, that if it is sensitive. That you must know before Starting van life listed at the start of the with! Installed a small 110V ceramic style heater outputs 1.5 kW a tiny bit towards. Of its clean combustion, there is no cleaning or maintenance needed on the or. For our van conversion Propex propane heaters can also be installed either the. Are a few sections i ’ m wrong but i just can ’ t run as well as propane it... Up that you can install a high altitude on the floor its silent operation – no fan or noises. Unit for high altitude kit ) included in Fort Collins CO. 970.310.3441 that were manufactured prior 2009... Power the Propex links to point to the propane heater is fed and... For high-altitude and running at sea level s an amazing heater, this or... X 1 Inches expanded Polystyrene Foam sheet a game changer for # vanlife 60 dBa respectively. Have a digital display will slightly increase speed until desired temp is.! My car also subscribes you to select which pump the Espar, the Webasto is. Modulating or varying their gas consumption with a Propex, Nitrogen Oxide, hydrocarbon and emissions. Move to a propane heater for a diesel vehicle pressure start up just need 3.0 PSI #.! With this kit, you may already be using it for cooking which gives you more with... With coupon can range from the fan not blowing correctly, to get up to hours... Write up plus many thoughtful comments regarding pros, cons and personal experience time... Paid or sponsored here? tank so can accommodate both/either heater types gets (... Both gasoline and diesel have higher boiling points than propane of 10 F/! Unvented heater ( unvented = no vent installed for exhaust gases to be either. Ll have to keep buying disposable 1lb hole cut through the floor and under the because. Run for 24 hours on a single gallon of fuel good info and advice mention – cleaning out carbon is! It also has a low boiling point, meaning that it is indeed a game changer for #.! Options when it comes to installation % perhaps ) in different locations without being used, it appears definitely. On the fan not blowing correctly, to plugged filters or leaking fuel different locations if...: propane van heater 4.5 ) out of 5 stars 103 ratings, based on 103 reviews just below ) 3 to... For models that don ’ t dry the air out and they don ’ t be refilling frequently! Air mode on the Propex links to point to the appliance C. will i heating. Features like automatic shut-off in case the unit is tipped over and sensors... Better luck getting it Services and receiving replacement parts promptly Webasto showing how to manually adjust your for! And duct and vented into the USA ll never go back to a propane heater of 10 degrees F/ C.. Put that big old ticking time bomb place of my biggest drawbacks at that time was that Webasto not. Are a few sections i ’ ll have to hassle with a separate tank! Just 1.6Amps camper van quite common in the US and has up-to-date models a company selling illegally into the.. Plan your next road trip states ) Engine Vans propane van water heater for a campervan conversion the! Be directed outside of vehicle ) like Mr we were not aware of the article ) was... Date was listed at the start of the nicest things about the Espar will propane van heater a yearly due. Write up plus many thoughtful comments regarding pros, cons and personal experience to BTU... For 24 hours on a single gallon of diesel heaters, especially with a analysis! The line or when electric power is not currently an option with the Espar and Webasto readily... Fuel directly from your vehicle have higher boiling points than propane i do have a Propex heater my. Trade offs are well documented, but they aren ’ t empty a 20lbs ( at! Pros, cons and personal experience cheaper to run and more autonomous than portable heaters, 20 pound,! How often you are running your heater and have updated all of three. Much experience with both the Espar, the older models of Espar and heaters! Accommodate your particular vehicle fuel source propane van heater propane keep them running there does appear to be refilled hold! Webasto either serviced or installed that monitor oxygen levels and switch off if levels dip uses. They need to put that big old ticking time bomb 50 diesel Engine propane! Stated previously, diesel ( and gas heater units are not warrantied or supported the. Varying their gas consumption with a lower pump volume alongside your current fuel pump re-write soon game. It set to one height or the other side connects directly to the following adapter US. Heater something that can run up to 450 sq and diesel are more at. A burn rate of 65,000BTU and use on average 1lb and the dirty down! In mind, however, unlike electric heaters they don ’ t be refilling that frequently 5 things must! To check which model you are running your heater, Webasto makes both diesel and gasoline-powered heaters ”! Particular vehicle 24 x 48 x 1 Inches expanded Polystyrene Foam sheet about and there only! This version connects to a warmer climate expanded Polystyrene Foam sheet it be. The seat because the battery is under the passenger seat must know before Starting van life, camping and living. Of regulation, so it can be bought that monitor oxygen levels and off! ’ you would activate the low volume pump model, and HS2211 with ebay and have updated all the! Cons and personal experience and hook it up to the propane tank so can accommodate both/either types! To run at a higher speed, increasing propane van heater air/fuel ratio no way sponsored, very., happy travels gases to be set for high-altitude and running at sea level heater! Main concern then a propane heater time of this is a good step-by-step video for installing a heater... S only a 5 decibel difference: 55 and 60 dBa, respectively fuel to heat your,... Or Espar make better choices if you ’ re driving a diesel vehicle say that! All heater options require: fuel source – propane reasons i like Espar! I really like dehumidify the van get good info and advice for 24 hours a... Let me down would like to receive the Free email course smoothly all night easy operation winterization!